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Boris Ryabov

Boris Ryabov is a co-founder of Steamology Institute, practitioner and teacher of Russian banya and contemporary steam practices, apprentice of South American traditional healing practices in Shipibo lineage for 10 years.

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Katrina Ponina

Katrina is a certified Steam Guide and yoga teacher.

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Natasha Kivak

Natasha has had a privilege to study traditional Amazonian shamanism for over 10 years now, having been trained extensively in the indigenous Shipibo-Conibo lineage with curandero maestro Kestembetsa, studying under and working closely with maestros and maestras Maria Valera, Walter Martinez Guimaray, Arturo Izquierdo, Olivia Arevalo, as well as with late legendary Shipibo maestro Pascual Mahua Ochavano, and for last few years with his brother, Papa Guilberto Mahua. The foundation of her medicinal practice is wisdom of compassion, respect, empowerment and love.

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Sasha Baibarin

Sasha Baibarin is a co-founder of Steamology Institute, Banya master and teacher.

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