Steam Practice hubs

Steam hubs is a unity of like minded practitioners, who are eager to explore the art of contemporary steam via regular practice and intervision sessions.
Feel free to reach out to the hubs below or to set up your own by exploring our educational materials and reaching out to your local peers though our platforms.

Amanita hub

Warsaw, Poland

Steam Hub in Poland is located at a countryside place in a place near Warsaw. Here you can find a majestic and unique transportable steam space “Amanita”, designed and constructed by one of the Steamology Institute students. Your initiative here is very welcome.

CaveSpace, Moscow

Moscow, Russia

CaveSpace is a steam space that shares values and approaches of Steamology institute. Here you can experience a group steam ceremony and join a community of experienced and junior practitioners to learn more and to practice.

Fly Ranch Campus

Nevada, US

The Fly Ranch Campus has been established and is being developed in conjunction with the Burning Man Foundation Fly Ranch project. This is a remote campus for in-depth retreats and programs, growing together with other Fly Ranch residents and projects

Krasnaya Polyana hub

Sochi, Russia

Here among stunning views and great banya places, a team of steam practitioners – students of the Steamology Institute are keen to connect with like minded steam guides and practice together.

Lisbon & Porto hub


A team of very enthusiastic practitioners who studied at the Steamolgy Institute is based in Portugal (both south and north of Portugal). They conduct regular guest sessions as well as intervisions. among steam guides.

Petaluma Campus

(No longer active)

The Petaluma Campus in Sonoma County, CA has been operational since November 2019. Built by the Steamology Institute founders it is the first hub, which served as a teaching/learning spot, a hub and model for other communal thermal spaces. Here most of our programs and protocols have been developed.


Tbilisi, Georgia

A vibrant hub with regular communal steam sessions as well as meetings of steam practitioners, many of which have studied at the Steamology Institute.


Amsterdam, Netherlands

Steam sessions and intervisions between practitioners are held in the Netherlands (Amsterdam and Arnem). A small hub with limited steam spaces, but a tremendous amount of enthusiasm can be reached out via Telegram.

If you are interested in setting up a steam practice hub, we are here to support you!

Please reach out. We are happy to share our experience in hub facilitation.

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Community materials

We offer in-person programs for entry and advanced levels of steam practitioners. Join if you have or envision to have a banya or sauna, and wish to explore healing modalities of steam.

Steamology Institute in Life is a Festival

An interview with founders of Steamology Institute was done in early 2020. Listen to learn about ceremonial aspects of banya, steam as a pre-semantic tradition, and the mythology of steam practice

Steamolgy Institute at the Stoa

A talk on encounter and practice of Steam

Steamology Institute at the Den of Rich podcast

Den of Rich #246 - Boris Ryabov | Bathing, steam healing, mental health, biohacking, deurbanisation

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