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Steamology. A Gateway for Steam Healing Exploration

What is Steamology Institute

Steamology Institute is an international non-profit focused on the knowledge of steam healing.

We teach, conduct research, promote projects, and facilitate dialogue on steam healing culture. Our work is directed towards private practitioners, communities, and retreat centers.

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Our Values


We welcome and respect the global multitude of traditions which all contribute to the art and science of steam healing practices, as well as complimentary traditions in bodywork and mind training


We encourage the participation of everyone, independent upon race, nationality, gender, ideology, and background


We appreciate the community building potential of steam healing practices


We strive to establish the art and science of steam healing practices as a service to the communities and individuals, prioritizing the  collaborative pursuit of common good over commerce


We appreciate that steam healing practices can only be built upon a disciplined study. We strive to develop a learning environment to support and nurture the practice

Goals of Steamology Institute:

Create and operate a framework of lifelong education in steam practice & setting the professional standards

Nurture and spread the network of operating steam guides and masters

Conduct collaborative research on steam healing

Develop cross-traditional and cross-disciplinary dialogue on the culture of steam

News and articles

Steamology Institute in Life is a Festival

Listen to learn about ceremonial aspects of banya, steam as a pre-semantic tradition,
and the mythology of Russian banyas.

How steam will heal the pandemic of loneliness

An article about the culture of steam: its origins, functions, and role in the future of our society.

Steamology Institute at The Stoa

A talk on encounter and philosophy of steam

Steamology Practice

A podcast dedicated to current topics and steam practices. Each issue contains a theoretical and practical part for working out in a steam room.

Psychophysiology of a communal steam

An open conversation “Psychophysiology of a communal steam” with Boris Ryabov, co-founder of the Steamology Institute.

How to build Banya at an American desert at Burning Man

A team of Steam enthusiast – camp Art of Steam, builds a Banya at Burning Man for the third time, lending meditation and cultural exploration

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Our Team

Boris Ryabov


As a visionary co-founder at Steamology Institute, Boris champions the fusion of traditional and modern steam practices for holistic well-being, aiming to build a worldwide network of genuine healing

Sasha Baibarin


At the Steamology Institute, co-founder Sasha Baibarin crafts transformative spaces for healing and connection, blending diverse traditions into innovative practices, enriched by his active role in the Burning Man community

Elena Pavlenko

EMEA Director

At the helm of Steamology Institute, Elena channels her transformative steam experience into leading others to discover serenity and connection in steam healing, nurturing a worldwide community of practitioners

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