Education courses

We offer in-person programs for entry and advanced levels of steam practitioners. Join if you have or envision to have a banya or sauna, and wish to explore healing modalities of steam.

Explore the transformative power of Generative Trance in steam sessions with our in-depth course. Discover techniques for deep therapeutic trance states, engage with active creative consciousness, and embark on a personal journey of inner work and discovery. Tailored for practitioners, psychotherapists, coaches, and those interested in deep therapeutic outcomes and self-navigation through suppressed experiences and tensions. Includes dynamic group and individual practices focused on body, speech, and mind over three days, guiding participants through stages of intention setting, trance induction, generative flow, and integration for a profound understanding of reality and self.


Three days

Embark on a journey with our 'Intro to the Art of Steam' course, tailored for complete beginners curious about steam healing. In this course, you'll: - Dive into the basics of thermal, herbal, and sound healing. - Experience the transformative effects of steam firsthand. - Acquire foundational knowledge for your steam practice journey.


Two days

Advance your steam journey with the 'Sgteam Guide Foundation' course. Designed for those transitioning from enthusiasts to guides, this course offers: - In-depth understanding of individual steam session’s psychophysiology. - Skills in steam session planning and ethics. - Daily thematic practice workshops with demonstrations and feedback


Six days: forty hours onsite and forty hours of supervised practice
In-person examination and certificate

Embark on a journey of communal steam mastery. This course focuses on teaching the essentials of group steam sessions, including veniki and herbal treatments. Dive deep into group dynamics and learn to ensure the safety of every session, ideal for those with significant steam experience


Forty hours and twenty hours of supervised practice

Unveil the healing power of herbs in steam with our dedicated course. Over four intensive days, each featuring a six-hour workshop, learn how to incorporate various herbs into steam sessions for optimal therapeutic benefits


Four one-day workshops, six hours each

What makes this program unique is the fact that steam work is approached not only from physical (technical) aspect, but also from the ceremonial (healing) angle as well.
This enables to go much deeper in the understanding and practical application of how human body and soul can greatly benefit from steam spaces.

Dmitry Dumik

Founder at Chatfuel
Steam Guide Foundation program graduate

Learning from the masters of Steam Arts is truly the best gift I gave myself all year! I aspire to grow in the community of Steam enthusiasts for life, nourishing our essential nature and vitality.

Uma Friedland

SPA designer
Steam Guide Foundation Program graduate

I have no doubt that the Steamology Institute will have an important role
in promoting Banya culture throughout the United States. Their serious
approach brings much needed credibility to this important modality.

Laurent Rains

Chief of Staff at Carbo Culture
Steam Guide Foundation Program graduate

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Past courses

US campus

Our first in person class "Steam Guide Foundation"

Armenia campus

2 weeks, 4 courses, 25 participants and many hours of steam, practice and fun!

Poland campus

Second offline course on communal steam with even deeper immersion and profound insights from an updated intervision approach!

Education materials

Welcome to the Steamology Institute’s Hubs page! Here, we explore and celebrate the diverse practices of contemporary steam practice.

Our Hubs are dynamic spaces where practitioners regularly engage in steam sessions, focusing on self-reflection, seeking feedback, and participating in collective intervisions.
Whether you’re a seasoned steam enthusiast or new to this transformative practice, our Hubs offer a supportive community for learning and growth.

Discover the world of steam, connect with like-minded individuals, and perhaps, be inspired to create your own Hub. Join us on this journey of discovery and wellness!

Steam guide health

In this video, we discuss the key aspects of maintaining health while regularly functioning as a steam bath attendant. We explore how being in steam affects our well-being and the role our ability to work with our attention plays in this context. (Audio in Rus)

Psychophysiology of communal steam session

An interesting conversation about what constitutes the collective steam experience in a steam room and about the processes that occur at both individual and group levels. (Audio in Rus)

Steamology practice series

A set of theory and practice podcasts touching upon such topics as practitioner own space, how the practice of steam makes a person one of our own and close, and how we can learn to understand others who are different from us, and much more

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