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Steamology Institute in Life is a Festival

Listen to learn about ceremonial aspects of banya, steam as a pre-semantic tradition,
and the mythology of Russian banyas.

How steam will heal the pandemic of loneliness

An article about the culture of steam: its origins, functions, and role in the future of our society.

Steamology Institute at The Stoa

A talk on encounter and philosophy of steam

Steamology Practice

A podcast dedicated to current topics and steam practices. Each issue contains a theoretical and practical part for working out in a steam room.

Psychophysiology of a communal steam

An open conversation “Psychophysiology of a communal steam” with Boris Ryabov, co-founder of the Steamology Institute.

How to build Banya at an American desert at Burning Man

A team of Steam enthusiast – camp Art of Steam, builds a Banya at Burning Man for the third time, lending meditation and cultural exploration

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