We strive for expanding the research and knowledge of steam bathing effect on human physical and mental health.
Here you can find connections to some of the academic communities in this topic as well as research articles.

Academic communities

International Sauna Association

TThe International Sauna Association (ISA) fosters global sauna culture by uniting sauna societies and enthusiasts. Established in 1958 in Helsinki, it promotes the Aachen Definition of Sauna, supports sauna research, and archives sauna-related information to enhance understanding and appreciation of sauna traditions and innovations​

World Sauna Forum

The World Sauna Forum is the premier global event for sauna enthusiasts and experts, focusing on the cultural, health, and innovation aspects of sauna practices. It facilitates knowledge exchange and networking within the international sauna community.

International Bath Academy

International Bath Academy is a non governmental and not-for-profit organization, registered in Lithuania aiming to provide different possibilities to learn more about traditional steam bathing typical for Northern, Central and Eastern Europe through centuries.

Research Articles

Scientific Discoveries on Sauna Use, Heat Therapy, and Their Impact on Well-being

Association between sauna bathing and fatal cardiovascular and all-cause mortality events

Research indicates regular sauna bathing can lower the occurrence of sudden cardiac death and cardiovascular diseases, offering a preventive strategy for heart health

Deliberate Heat Exposure Protocols for Health & Performance

Explore the science of deliberate heat exposure for health and mood improvement, hormone adjustment, and athletic performance in Huberman Lab Podcast Episode 69

Sauna Bathing and Risk of Psychotic Disorders: A Prospective Cohort Study

A study reveals frequent sauna use significantly lowers the risk of developing psychotic disorders among middle-aged men, suggesting mental health benefits

If you are interested in collaborations in the academic domain, please reach out!

We are developing several ideas for research in exploration of steam affect on physical and mental wellbeing and would be very keen to discuss potential synergies or exchange ideas.

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